Eclipse Glasses


Eclipse Glasses

The Solar Eclipse happens only every couples of years. You are unable to look directly at the solar eclipse because you would be messing up your eyes and your vision and rather than missing out on seeing it completely you can chose to purchase a variety of glasses to view the wonderful viewing of our earth. We are here to offer you the glasses that can allow you to see the beautiful solar eclipse that is coming up in 2017. Don’t miss out on another Solar Eclipse because you were not ready.

We offer many different types of solar viewers. These glasses range from a hard plastic pair of glasses that will stand up against many years and will probably last you until the next solar eclipse. We also offer paper glasses for a one time use option which is the cheapest option and most popular. These amazing glasses will offer you an experience you will never forgot for your whole lifetime. In 2017 we will be viewing the first solar eclipse since the year 1979. This will be making land fall in the Oregon area and be exiting on the coastline of South Carolina. This eclipse is a wonderful way to spend your time and millions of people will be viewing along with you. This is one of the most exciting parts of astronomy in our lifetimes.

Don’t get caught missing out because your eyes were not prepared. Get your hands on one of these easily attainable pair of glasses that we have to offer you. We are expected to run out of our glasses quickly so don’t miss out because you waited too long to purchase them. We are here to provide you with the best and most effective solar glasses on the market. Click on Eclipse Glasses for more details.


A Different Look at Fun Under the Sun

1The sun always brings a good time

The sun is one of the unstated symbols of a good time. When people think of fun, it usually involves the sun in some ways. Bright and sunny days during the summer. The beauty of a sunset during a relaxing evening. There’s a multitude of different ways to enjoy the sun. But there’s one solar event which is rare enough that people should always take special note of it. This event is known as an eclipse, and it can be a great way to take a break for the world and have some fun. When people think of an eclipse it’s usually as a planetary or solar event. It’s something very distant which occurs in the sky. But much like anything involving the sun, it has a huge impact on people. The cycle of day and night is so common and so regular that people tend to take it for granted. The moment that changes for a while can be almost magical. As such, it’s quite common for people to celebrate it with a party. These eclipse parties are a lot of fun. But they also offer a chance to help ensure that people enjoy an eclipse in a fully safe way.

Staying safe while having fun during an eclipse

It might come as a surprise to hear that an eclipse can be dangerous. But in many ways it’s similar to any concerns over having a good time during a sunny day. The sun constantly puts out a huge amount of energy. Enough to damage one’s eyes if someone were to state at it without ocular protection. The sun will be mostly hidden during an eclipse. But there’s still enough energy there to hurt people’s eyes if they stare at it. This is why it’s a great idea to have an eclipse party. The host can provide guests with special Eclipse Glasses that function in a similar manner to sunglasses. Sunglasses protect eyes during a sunny day. And eclipse glasses can protect eyes during an eclipse. This ensures everyone is able to enjoy the event while staying safe.

Eclipse Glasses


What Is an Eclipse?
An eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when the Moon, the Sun and the Earth form certain patterns. A lunar eclipse, which can only happen when the Moon is at its full phase, appears in the night sky when the Moon passes behind the Earth and through the its shadow. As the moon enters into the Earth’s shadow, all the sunlight is blocked, which makes it appear “blacked out” with only the refraction light coming through in the sky, because the direct sunlight is completely blocked.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon intersects the Sun and the Earth. This causes the Moon to block the Sun, either fully or partially depending upon the alignment of the celestial bodies. This type of eclipse can only occur when the Moon is in New Moon phase. This is the opposite phenomenon than that of a lunar eclipse, which occurs with a full phase. These eclipses only occur when conditions are right, which can be more often than annually or less often than that, depending on the alignments of the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Because these events occur quite infrequently, many people try to view them as they occur.

How Do I View an Eclipse Safely?
Unfortunately, viewing an eclipse with the naked eye can cause irreparable permanent damage to the eye. For this reason, there are eclipse sunglasses available to safely view any eclipse. They are used more commonly during solar eclipses, because this type of eclipse can cause more damage with solar radiation being emitted. These technologically advanced viewing tools can be purchased from reputable websites. A good site can be accessed by entering “solar eclipse glasses” in any search engine. This will allow people everywhere to view these celestial events whenever they occur in the sky. Click on Eclipse Glasses for more details.

Keeping the Party Going and in Full Safety

1A party should always be safe
There’s a lot of ideas out there about the pros and cons of a really wild party. But no matter how fun a party is, there’s something that most people can agree on. And that’s the fact that for a party to really be great it also needs to be safe. But at the same time, people are often unaware of what that really means. There’s quite a few things which might seem safe at first. But when one looks a bit closer they’re shown to have a lot of danger hidden somewhere. A great example of this can be something known as an eclipse party. These are events whose purpose can be fairly easily gleamed from the name alone. People come together at an eclipse party to watch an eclipse. But the simple name and motive can hide a rather complex issue. People are often unaware of the fact that an eclipse can be rather dangerous if one hasn’t taken any precautions. Thankfully, it’s actually quite easy to do so.

Keeping an eclipse party safe
The only really important thing to consider with an eclipse party is possession of Eclipse Glasses. These are a special type of glasses which people simply need to put on when looking up into the sky during an eclipse. They work on the principle that there’s always going to be a tiny bit of sunlight in the sky. One might not consciously notice that sunlight during an eclipse. But it doesn’t mean the sunlight and solar radiation won’t hurt one’s eyes. Especially if someone is staring right at it. But eclipse glasses will shield one’s eyes during an eclipse and let one simply enjoy the wonders of a natural event in progress. And it means that the party will stay safe.

Partying in Style and with Proper Precautions

IMG_6310Everyone loves a good party

It’s pretty much a given that everyone loves a good party. It’s a bit like enjoying having fun. The definition of the term almost insists on people enjoying it. A party where people aren’t having a good time wouldn’t really be a party. But at the same time it’s important to keep end consequences in mind as well. Just as experiences during the party can change the tone of the event, so can the things which come afterward. This is perhaps most apparent during eclipse parties. These are, as the name suggests, parties organized to coincide with an eclipse.

It’s a chance to get people together and have fun waiting for a really amazing cosmic event. But this fun can turn tragic if people aren’t properly prepared. In reality an eclipse has a good chance of causing severe or even permanent damage to people’s eyes if they stare at it without protection. An eclipse makes it seem as if the sun has disappeared. But in reality a huge percentage of the sun’s solar energy is still radiating outward and right into the eyes of anyone looking at it.

Taking the proper precautions

Thankfully it’s easy to make sure an eclipse party is totally safe. An eclipse can be dangerous to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean it’s inherently dangerous in and of itself. All it takes is a pair of Eclipse Glasses to make it safe and fun for everyone. They shield one’s eyes from solar radiation while still allowing them to watch the eclipse. It’s totally safe and fully effective. And when distributed at a party one can ensure that all of the guests will have a great time. It gives someone the chance to not only create a great party. But also to protect the people he or she cares about.

How to Prepare for an Amazing Event


It’s always important to be prepared

Everyone knows that big events call for some additional preparation. If something’s important enough to disrupt normal day to day activities, than it’s probably important enough to plan around. And it’s hard to imagine any event that can capture people’s attention as much as an eclipse. Go over the history of any culture and it quickly becomes clear that eclipses often act as historical markers. No matter what culture one looks at, people usually stop to take note of an eclipse. In fact, historians have been able to use that fact to tie together the calendars of disparate cultures. Most people have always taken note of an eclipse. But at the same time people often haven’t taken the proper precautions for one. It’s only fairly recently that people have even understood the exact nature of an eclipse. And with that people have also discovered that it poses a hidden danger. When people look up at an eclipse they’re risking quite severe damage to their eyes. Or, rather, that happens when people look up at an eclipse without taking the proper precautions. It’s actually quite easy to enjoy an eclipse as long as one has the right glasses for the occasion.

Having fun watching for the sun

The only preparation one really needs is a good pair of Eclipse Glasses. These are special glasses designed to protect people’s eyes during an eclipse. Normally an eclipse will come with more than a few chances to accidently stare directly at the disappearing sun. But these special glasses allow one to continually gaze into the heavens in a totally safe and secure manner. It only takes a small amount of time to buy the glasses. And it can ensure that one will continue to enjoy a lifetime of healthy vision.

Glasses Can Make One the Life of the Party

10425460_896664470385131_6747593897386427290_nCosmic events offer a unique chance for fun

There’s some parts of life which everyone thinks of as a constant. These are usually the biggest events in terms of the universe. But they’re also something that can seem somewhat mundane due to our separation from them. These are things like the rising of the sun every morning or the waxing and waning of the moon. They’re constants which one can always count on. Or, at least that’s how people usually think of them.

In reality, there’s rare occasion when these cosmic events can be seen changing. And there’s one in particular which can even be predicted to the point where one could plan a party around it. This is the cosmic event which is known as an eclipse. For a short time the sun disappears from the sky. It’s an event which can remind people of just how small we are in the universal sense. And that awe inspiring reality is the perfect excuse to get friends and family together for a celebration.

A little preparation goes a long way

Of course such a huge event will bring a few complications along with it. One of the most important is the fact that one should prepare by buying Eclipse Glasses. Most people aren’t aware of what these glasses can do. And that’s exactly why it’s so important for anyone hosting an eclipse party to buy enough eclipse glasses for everyone. Most people simply don’t realize that they’d need to have them.

The reason comes down to the exact nature of an eclipse. The sun is still in the sky during an eclipse. It’s simply that the vast majority of it is hiding. But it’s still just as dangerous to stare at a nearly hidden sun as it would be to stare at it at any other time during the day. Eclipse glasses protect one’s eyes from the sun. And as a result one can safely stare into the sky during an eclipse. This will let people enjoy the event in total safety.